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Global Risk Partners creates an ideal environment for entrepreneurial businesses, teams and individuals who wish to grow as part of an independent, strongly capitalised, regulatory compliant intermediary business.

GRP has an “owner-driver” approach with key management incentivised through an equity share in their business or other growth based incentives.

Our proposition is attractive for businesses where existing shareholders wish to exit, either partially or fully. We offer an attractive range of options and provide ongoing management teams with the resources, products and environment they need to ensure their businesses thrive and grow as part of the GRP Group.

Acquisition timeline

Take a look at how our group has grown since it's formation in 2013

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We have a consistent, efficient and proven acquisition process, which ensures both parties get a satisfactory outcome.

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James Birrell, Director Birrell Group

From the outset, we bought into the GRP model and strategy, we feel the GRP team have exceeded our expectations and have not gone back on any promises.  

The “owner-driver” and “hub and spoke model “is definitely the way forward, the model has given us the ability to retain shares, in addition to having the financial backing and buying power of a much larger group.  In the last 12 months, alone we have seen massive growth in our turnover and profitability.

We are looking forward to the next chapter for our business with GRP.


Debbie Airey, Managing Director, CCIB Insurance

At CCIB, we built our business from a standing start and grew significantly over a 10 year period. When we started to explore how we could accelerate our growth further, we considered many different options and decided that GRP was the best fit for us.

We've received tremendous support from every level since joining the group and all whilst keeping our own identity within the local community. Most importantly, it has ensured that the business will continue to flourish long after our day.


David Jones, Director DCJ Insurance and Risk Management

From our first meeting with Mike Bruce it was most apparent that GRP had the same ethical and moral principles as DCJ Group. Choosing the right acquirer is a daunting task and whilst we did not engage with numerous other options to GRP we are 100% certain we made the right decision.

Clearly price is an important factor in any sale but it was equally important that we became part of a group that provided the right cultural fit for our clients and staff, both these objectives have been achieved.

We have now been part of the GRP family for 2.5 years during which time the business has continued to grow and benefit from being part of a group with strategic influence in the industry.


Julian Boughton, CEO, A&T Group Insurance

Having established the business from humble beginnings back in the 1980’s and grown to a position of some scale within our region, in 2017, we decided to embark on a process to seek new investment to facilitate the next phase of our development. It was absolutely key that we partnered with an organisation that recognised the opportunities ahead and shared our vision.

Following a period of evaluation with many parties only one stood out from the crowd – Global Risk Partners.

Peter, David, Mike and the senior team got what we were about and what we wanted to achieve. Global Risk Partners’ customer centric and truly entrepreneurial framework within which we operate has added significant value. We have all played our part and have all delivered on our promises.

Three years on, we can say that the experience has been a great one. We have significantly grown the business but crucially within that, have created an enhanced customer experience and a framework that provides even more security and opportunity for all our people. The owner driver model and the execution of it is truly unique in the market and we are looking forward to continuing the success for many years to come


David Whitaker, Managing Director, Plum Underwriting

There are a lot of buyers in the market, but very few that understand what is needed to help an underwriting business develop and grow sustainably. Selling our business to GRP has been a great success for Plum.

As a part of GRP Underwriting Division we have had support and investment to develop our systems, data, and underwriting infrastructure, giving us a scalable platform to take the business to the next level.

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