Strong Insurer Partnerships

Controlling or influencing over £1.8 billion of premium in the UK insurance market, GRP Group works hard to develop and maintain strong mutually supportive insurer relationships. This is what a selection of our insurer partners had to say about GRP:



Trading behaviour
GRP are and remain a valuable and reliable strategic trading partner. When it comes to behaviours, they understand how we work and how the end customer wants to be treated. They are always proactively improving product solutions for the benefit of the customers all of which leads to constantly refined customer outcomes. Put simply, their hard work is always with the best customer outcomes in mind, irrespective of case complexity.

Strength of our partnership approach
Zurich and GRP are and remain committed partners that consistently deliver strong profitable growth. At local office and higher, strategic level we share a common set of values around trading and execution as well as operating in an open and honest environment. Despite operating in an environment of multi-layered relationships we are not mired by bureaucracy and the strength of our partnerships facilitates straight forward escalation and meaningful resolutions.

Willingness to deliver a positively mutual result
Engagement between all our teams, at every level, is regular, constructive and always forward thinking. We work collaboratively to ensure that any issues are resolved promptly and always for the benefit of the customer whether the needs are large or small. All our teams are obsessed with delivering an expert, personal service to their clients and we always ensure that product quality is balanced with price.

Barry Driscoll, UKGI Strategic Account Manager



"We continue to enjoy a thriving relationship with GRP across all levels of our organisation. GRP’s professionalism is second to none, demonstrated by their dedicated service to their customers and commitment to work in partnership with us to deliver a positive mutual result. We seek GRP’s feedback and opinion on our service and key market issues so we can work together to continually improve and deliver value to our customers. We look forward to continuing our relationship over many years to come."

Mark Terry, Strategic Account Mananger



 Trading behaviour
GRP are a professional, knowledgeable organisation with a strong pedigree and we find them easy to trade with. They are able to apply a high degree of flexibility and pragmatism as part of their general trading interactions and helpfully (as well as unusually), their senior level personnel are readily available and accessible to us, speeding up the decision making process and actively improving end customer outcomes.

At all times, they display an in-depth understanding of our business and theirs, as well as the commercial insurance industry generally, on a macro level.   

This is a broker that does not shirk challenging conversations and importantly, our experience has been that they always do what they say they’re going to do, rather than  commit themselves to unachievable outcomes.

Strength of our partnership approach
Unusually in a manufacturer/distributor relationship, GRP are able to understand the position through insurer lenses and will utilise this view in seeking ways to help take a balanced approach. They always look to help accommodate insurer requirements as part of an often complex and demanding distribution chain and their ability to take a longer term view, sometimes at the expense of short term gains, is greatly valued.   

Willingness to deliver a positively mutual result
It is clear to us that GRP put their customer at the heart of everything they do. They are not just fixated on their own needs; this is a broker who understands the delicate balance between carrier and client pressures/objectives and has the ability to work towards outcomes which suit all parties wherever they possibly can.

Barrie King, Head of Strategic Partnerships



"GRP consistently show a willingness and commitment to ensure that our businesses are engaged at a local and strategic level. They recognise that the mutual success of our partnership is underpinned by the quality of the relationships across all business units. GRP make it their priority to get close to us and understand our ambitions and business needs, they proactively share their expertise to allow us to find new and innovative solutions for our mutual customers.

Sustainable growth, profitability and the end customer are at the centre of what GRP do, in turn, this is reflected in all of our interactions, joint strategies and the great results we achieve together. The passionate, determined and service driven culture within GRP has enabled us to accelerate our growth plans and makes for a fun and trusting partnership."

Amy Skeet, Strategic Relationship Manager



“Work hard, play hard is a cliché but exemplifies the trading relationship and behaviours we enjoy with GRP. Whilst we are regularly tested by GRPs inherent drive to always achieve the best possible outcome for their customers and their business, we’re always happy to respond to these challenges, safe in the knowledge they will push themselves equally hard to deliver the promised results.

Those results have frequently been achieved thanks to a highly collaborative approach, including the sharing of high quality data which has, on numerous occasions, enabled us to make well informed decisions and help prioritise resource for mutual benefit. Where problems occur, as they do in any relationship, the candour with which these are discussed and resolved is incredibly refreshing and unquestionably a contributory factor behind the transformational growth we have achieved together.

That growth would also not have been possible but for the investment GRP always make in ensuring any new product or service we launch together is expertly promoted. This is classically done through a combination of mixed media communications, staff training and close-co-operation between their product and placement champions and our sales and underwriting teams. Obvious as these steps may sound, it is their quality of execution and focus on performance management which distinguishes them from others.”

Richard Brooks, Broker Development Director



"GRP are an important and growing Partner of NIG.  Over the past 3 years we have built a robust engagement strategy across our organisations,  and have created an environment of trust & openness allowing us to operate in a true partnership. They have acquired likeminded and well run businesses, and with the support and guidance of a very effective central team, whose expertise, knowledge, customer focus and leadership have resulted in a successful trajectory of growth and profitability. Whilst keeping the needs of the customer at the centre of everything we do together.  We look forward to building on this success with them and continuing to support them with their future strategy."

David Enoch, Head of Strategic Broker Relationships, Marketing and Propositions


“We’ve worked with GRP for many years, and the appetite to collaborate with us to drive the products forward never seems to diminish. 

ARAG delivers legal protection and emergency assistance products for GRP in both personal and commercial markets, but our partnership has become highly collaborative, especially in developing tailored solutions for niche sectors, such as unique fitness to practice cover in the care sector and home emergency for residential landlords and management companies.

Whatever the product or market, GRP has worked closely with us to produce innovative solutions, not solely for the sake of market leadership and sustaining the longevity of schemes but, ultimately, to deliver continually better customer outcomes.”

Matt Warren, UK Sales Manager