About our Group

GRP is one of the largest independent insurance intermediary in the UK, looking after almost half a million personal and commercial clients across the spectrum of their industry, sector and specialist insurance and risk management needs.

The Group was established by Peter Cullum CBE, David Margrett and Stephen Ross in 2013.

They identified a significant opportunity in the market for brokers, Managing General Agents (MGAs) and teams who want to release equity from their business. GRP meets this need by offering solutions to existing shareholders who wish to exit, either partially or completely.

GRP acquires brokers, MGAs, portfolios and teams which have niche, non-commoditised, specialty business and strong profitability. Existing management teams who want to continue to develop the business as part of GRP benefit from operational support in regulatory compliance, HR, IT and finance.

The rapid and accelerating growth trajectory of the Group is testament to the strength of our client proposition, attractiveness of our acquisition solutions, and the effectiveness of our business integration model.

Since launch, Peter, David and Stephen have recruited a talented and experienced leadership team headed by Chief Executive Officer Mike Bruce which shares their entrepreneurial mind set and brings the expertise to drive the business forward.

GRP is backed by majority share holders Searchlight Capital Partners who's investment in GRP completed in June 2020, and Penta Capital LLP. See our press release for more information

It was announced on the 8th March 2022 that US broker Brown & Brown, Inc has entered into an agreement to acquire GRP (subject to regulatory approval).

Brown & Brown rationale for their GRP investment: video

In the video below Powell Brown, Barrett Brown and Mike Bruce explain the rationale for Brown & Brown’s investment in GRP.

and will see Brown & Brown establish itself as a major force in the UK retail insurance market. For more information see our news feed here