About our Group

GRP, part of Brown & Brown, Inc is one of the largest independent insurance intermediaries in the UK, looking after almost half a million personal and commercial clients across the spectrum of their industry, sector and specialist insurance and risk management needs.

Established in 2013, GRP has grown both organically and by acquiring brokers, MGAs, portfolios and teams. Existing management teams who want to continue to develop their business as part of GRP benefit from operational support in regulatory compliance, HR, IT and finance, and our strong insurer relationships.

The rapid and accelerating growth trajectory of the Group is testament to the strength of our client proposition, attractiveness of our acquisition solutions, and the effectiveness of our business integration model.

Brown & Brown rationale for their GRP investment: video

In July 2022 US broker Brown & Brown, Inc acquired GRP Group. In the video below Powell Brown, Barrett Brown and Mike Bruce explain the rationale for Brown & Brown’s investment in GRP. For more information see our news feed here